Clinical Research in Re-education and Rehabilitation Specialization (M2)

Degree: Master
University: Universit Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) , Faculty: Re-education and Medical Engineering (RIM - Ex 3R)
City: Paris , Country: France
Discipline: Life Sciences, Medicine & Health
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline June 1
  • Language French
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The Science and Technology master major in clinical research in re-education and rehabilitation is designed to offer students the broadest possible course in clinical and applied research. Students must acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for integration as specialists, capable of designing and contributing to projects, and developing and implementing methodologies concerning the observation and evaluation of the therapeutic methods used.

    This new area aims to provide students with theoretical knowledge for understanding clinical research concepts, models and tools; it also discusses prospective areas in the field of innovation.

    Applied clinical research, like any research, requires a methodology, a protocol, meticulousness, data collection and statistical exploitation of results. Such research is designed to explore, describe, explain and foresee phenomena relating to re-education and rehabilitation and must be relevant in practice. It must be applied or reproduced in real-life rehabilitation situations.

    By noting the reaction of patients or of their friends and family during a rehabilitation programme, by comparing the effects of various operations, by identifying the many factors (personal or contextual) that are taken into account, the researcher, in order to support therapeutic decisions, is able to develop the most effective strategies for reaching the target goals. The course is designed to promote and maintain health, ensure quality of life by strengthening individual self-care and adaptation capacities, prevent the consequences of illness and reduce disability.

    * Lecturer
    * Initial and continuing education coordinator.
    * Technical advisor in healthcare institutions (health and social), public or private bodies
    * Educational advisor for the re-education sector in institutions, public or private bodies
    * Project/expertise manager in health and handicap in the National Education System
    * Prevention/education auditor in ergonomics for local authorities, general councils, companies, patient associations, (young and disabled persons, chronic and progressive diseases etc.)
    * Network consultant (Alzheimer, Autism, Diabetes, Pain Management, Gerontology, Visually Impaired, Myopathy, Parkinson´s disease, perinatal period, etc.)
    * Expert in planning, ergonomics and environment


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