Design and Construction Project Management

Degree: Master
University: Chalmers University of Technology , Faculty: Masters Programmes in English
City: Gothenburg , Country: Sweden
Discipline: Business & Economics
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  • Admission deadline January 17
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The programme focuses on management in the construction sector and building in society. This encompasses management of space and infrastructure as well as issues concerning property investment and development, urban planning, design, engineering, construction and facilities management.

    The three units, Construction Management, Architecture and Service Management, co-operate in running the programme. The programme offers students the possibility to acquire competencies required to perform on a high professional level in the construction sector. An important aim of the programme is to establish a common platform where the firms and organizations in the construction sector can relate and where all phases of the construction process are linked.

    CareerDesign and Construction Project Management opens up a career in the management of space and infrastructure as well as in property investment and development. Typical examples of future employers are architectural firms, project management firms, construction contractors, facility service providers, real estate firms, construction client organisations, planning authorities and a range of consultancies within the construction sector. Career opportunities can also be found in academic research, teaching and general administrative functions.

    Examples of typical roles are that of project manager in a construction project management company, working at a purchasing department, developing purchasing methods for a contractor, working with project development at an architectural firm, design manager, managing housing projects at a local planning authority, developing health care facilities or working with planning on a construction site.


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