European Media Master of Arts (EMMA)

Degree: Master
University: Utrecht School of the Arts , Faculty: Faculty of Art, Media and Technology
City: Utrecht , Country: Netherlands
Discipline: Humanities and Art
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline February 1th
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    What is EMMA?The European Media Masters of Arts (EMMA) offers a specialized program of study in new media development and production with a strong vocational outlook.
    During an intensive program students create multi-media projects and artifacts ranging from interactive installations, innovative web and media solutions, experimental approaches to narrative and documentary practice, sound design and sonic composition. In fact the program covers almost the entire range of media production and frequently mixes them.
    PathwaysThe different pathways are:
    o EMMA Game Design and Development
    o EMMA Interaction Design
    o EMMA Digital Media Design
    o EMMA Digital Video Design
    o EMMA Image Synthesis and Computer Animation
    o EMMA Sound and Music Production
    o EMMA Sound and Music Technology
    o EMMA Compostion in Context
    Knowledge and Skills With a student intake of over 100 students in a wide range of disciplines, we can offer you a buoyant multidisciplinary course culture in which to explore your talents and ambitions. You will work with and learn from staff and students in your own and other disciplines. The course is delivered in English.
    The course is project based, with taught elements. Given the highly specialized entry profile of the students formal technical training is a very small part of the program. Building on your existing advanced technical skills in the pathway of your choice you will find new ways of applying those skills not only in an externally assigned project but also in your individual research trajectory. The externally assigned group projects are acquired from industry through our faculty bureau Xchange, ensuring a close link with industry and cultural institutions in the field.
    Factso practice-based research;
    o project-based education,
    o EMMA is validated by the Open University (London) and subject to the stringent quality standards maintained under QAA (Quality Assurance) regulations of United Kingdom higher education. The MA is recognized in all countries acknowledging United Kingdom degrees and awards.
    o location: Utrecht - the Netherlands.


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