Exercise Physiology (M.Sc./P.Grad.Dip)

Degree: Master
University: University of Dublin Trinity College , Faculty: School of Medicine
City: Dublin , Country: Ireland
Discipline: Life Sciences, Medicine & Health
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  • Start Date of Studies October
  • Admission deadline 1 June
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    These part-time courses were set up in 1996 by Professor Chris Bell in order to provide professionals in the workplace, and health & exercise science graduates, with an opportunity to revisit, revise and learn, more physiology with a focus on exercise.

    This course aims to provide training for professional development of physical educators and health care workers who employ exercise therapy. In addition this course would be ideal for those interested in gaining experience in assessment of exercise performance, and exercise applications in training and research. Applicants are expected to hold a good primary degree with some grounding in biology. Preference may be given to candidates who are employed in a relevant field.

    The aims of the programme are threefold:

    * Firstly, to enhance knowledge and understanding of; the physiology of human body systems, how the body responds to acute and chronic exercise, and the principles of exercise prescription in a variety of settings.
    * Secondly, to enhance practical skills; relevant to investigating human physiology, as well as in the use of modern technologies for monitoring and assessment of exercise performance.
    * finally, to provide experience and skills required to conduct good quality exercise research.


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