Food Technology and Nutrition

Degree: Master
University: Lund University , Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
City: Lund , Country: Sweden
Discipline: Engeneering & Technology
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  • Admission deadline January 15
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The programme of study aims to meet the needs of graduate engineers who will work as professionals in government and agro-industrial sectors at an advanced level thanks to advanced theoretical studies, given in a practical technological context.

    The degree gives eligibility to studies at the doctoral level.

    After completed studies, you will have achieved:

    * A general competence in food technology and nutrition on an advanced level (2nd cycle) based on the compulsory courses
    * Communications skills by practising written and oral presentations of small projects together with discussions
    * In-depth knowledge in areas of specialisation, based on a choice of optional courses in natural and engineering sciences, and the degree project, in:
    o Product and process design
    o Functional foods/Nutrition
    o Food analyses and safety
    * The ability to:

    o Individually plan, execute and evaluate practical experiments;
    o Use theoretical models to describe physical and chemical processes, and to assess the applicability and limitations of these models in various contexts;
    o Choose and design technologies for the industrial manufacture of high quality food products, with due regard to raw materials, energy, economics and sustainability;
    o Design food products with high sensory properties and nutritional quality


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