Gastronomy and Health

Degree: Master
University: University of Copenhagen , Faculty: Faculty of Life Sciences
City: Copenhagen , Country: Denmark
Discipline: Applied Sciences, Proffesions&Arts
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  • Start Date of Studies February, September
  • Admission deadline 1 December non EU students; 1 April students from Scandinavia, the EU and Lichtenstein
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Gastronomy and Health is a scientific, application-oriented study programme that challenges traditional concepts of gastronomy. By using principles of science from chemistry, physics and sensometrics in the preparation of food, it is possible to make healthy food more tasty and satisfying.

    Graduates will be able to inspire the Danish food industry to ensure that future foods, fast foods and convenience products are both appetizing and delicious without having a negative effect on our health.

    Society´s consumption of foods has changed. Before we even enter the kitchen today, more and more of our meals are already partially prepared. At the same time, obesity and malnourishment are growing problems in society.

    With an MSc in Gastronomy and Health, you can help develop healthy foods that can challenge this trend.

    The programme gives you a solid understanding of the quality of ingredients, food safety, hygiene and nutrition. You will also learn about the significance of our diet and of various bioactive components to the health of the individual and to public health in general. And you will obtain insight into our food culture, meals and dietary habits in a cultural and societal context.

    Furthermore, the programme will provide you with the tools to identify players within the food sector and their importance for gastronomy and health in Denmark. With an MSc in Gastronomy and Health, you can contribute to the development of the Nordic food culture.

    The programme will provide you with expertise in the crossfield between delicious food and good health.

    During the programme, you will work with gastronomy from both a theoretical and a practical angle. You will learn about the latest trends and possibilities in the production of food and development of new products. For instance, you will learn about molecular gastronomy and its potential applications.

    The study programme combines knowledge about nutrition and food safety with gastronomy and consumer experience.

    The language of instruction is English.

    With a degree in Gastronomy and Health, you will be able to carry out consulting work in gastronomy and health as well as perform assignments in connection with gastronomic health promotion, e.g. for companies and within the health sector.

    You will be able to work with development, management and administration within niche production, food safety and gastronomic product development, as well as health promotion in society in general.

    The programme is furthermore aimed at product development of flavourful and appetizing convenience foods in the food industry, and you will be able to work with teaching and research as well.


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