Degree: Master
University: Utrecht University , Faculty: Faculty of Geosciences
City: Utrecht , Country: Netherlands
Discipline: Natural Sciences
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  • Start Date of Studies February, September
  • Admission deadline March 1 (September Start); September 1 ( February Start)
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Do you want to study the water cycle? Do you want to help solve problems related to the overabundance, scarcity or quality of water? Do you want to be in the company of top class researchers and teachers? Do you want to be able to specialise in nearly any aspect of hydrology? Apply for the Hydrology Master´s programme at Utrecht University!

    Life on earth

    Water is the most important constituent for life on earth as it supports urban activities, industry, agriculture and natural ecosystems. It plays a central role in the climate system with extremes ranging from devastating floods to severe drought. It transports vital nutrients for plants, while also serving as the agent that transports pollutants through the subsurface.

    Water cycle

    Hydrology is the study of the water cycle (i.e. how water evaporates from sea and land, where and how much falls back to the earth's surface as precipitation, how much of it is stored in soil and aquifers, how it travels through rivers and underground to the seas and oceans, and how its quality changes according to time and location). Hydrology also helps us understand how water quantity and quality relate to climate change and human impact. Through their understanding of the water cycle, hydrologists contribute to solving local and global problems concerning the overabundance, scarcity or quality of water.

    A unique programme

    Utrecht University´s two-year Master's programme in Hydrology offers students two tracks: Earth Surface Hydrology and Environmental Hydrogeology. You will be presented a unique range of in-depth topics, including the principles of groundwater flow, land surface hydrology, hydrogeological transport phenomena, unsaturated zone hydrology, reactive transport in the hydrosphere, stochastic hydrology, environmental hydrogeology, hydrology and climate, fieldwork and hydrological research.


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