Information and Service Management

Degree: Master
University: Aalto University School of Economics , Faculty: Department of Business Technology
City: Helsinki , Country: Finland
Discipline: Business & Economics
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline Application period open January 4-February 26
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The Information and Service Management program offers an interdisciplinary education with a wide perspective on managing global, and increasingly electronic, business operations. ISM refers to the creative use of information and technology for design and implementation of new services. Students will learn to operate in an international information and service business, as well as in high technology enterprises. The students will also gain the know-how necessary to efficiently manage and develop business processes using information systems and networks. To master this rapidly developing and changing field requires, in addition to substance know-how, familiarization with centrally related fields such as logistics, software business, management science, and technology management.

    The ISM program prepares students to work in managerial and development assignments (e.g. as a service designer or manager, as an information systems manager, or as an entrepreneur). There are three specializations: Management Technology, Information Systems, Logistics and Service Management.

    Management Technology focuses on increasingly important skills to manage and analyze the rapidly growing supply of information. The main themes include management decision-making, risk control (e.g. hedging financial risks), incentives in organizations, production systems, market analysis, and exploitation of new technologies as well as developing and launching products. The program will provide you with a broad general view of the different business functions and their interactions. You will be able to use the modern managerial tools, such as quantitative models and information technology in solving practical business problems.
    Typical Jobs:
    The master's program in Business Technology prepares students to work in managerial, expert-level and development assignments of diverse business tasks, for instance, as a specialist in risk management and analytical decision-making or as an independent entrepreneur.
    Information Systems Science gives students know-how that is necessary to efficiently manage and develop business processes using information systems and networks. The student will gain knowledge of business business information systems, e-commerce, and their strategic applications. The program provides practical skills for efficient management of information resources and implementation of information systems applying modern tools.
    Typical Jobs:
    Students concentrating on information systems work as information systems managers, or as experts or consultants in information system and e-business development. Those who specialize in software business may also proceed in IT companies' managerial positions.
    Logistics and Service Management prepares the student to manage and develop logistics operations and versatile services in continuously changing markets using the newest technology. The applications range from local retailing chains and outsourcing opportunities to global industrial companies organizing supply chains and manufacturing networks. Typical managerial tasks deal with logistics systems and service processes in purchasing, distribution, customer relationships and maintenance, involving expert duties such as technology evaluation for products and services, coordination of partner networks, and monitoring of joint projects.


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