MA in Art, Law and Economy

Degree: Master
University: The International Hellenic University City: Thessaloniki , Country: Greece
Discipline: Law
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  • Max Duration 18
  • Start Date of Studies October 2012
  • Programme Alternatives weekend
  • Educational Form taught
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    The MA in Art, Law and Economy aims at exploring and highlighting the functional interdependence between art, law and the economy. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the legal, financial and political considerations and the corresponding regulatory approaches implemented in Europe and elsewhere concerning the creation of works of art, the art trade, the operation of the markets concerned, the function of intellectual property law at the EU and international level, the protection of cultural heritage and protection against unlawfully acquired works of art.

    The International Hellenic University

    The International Hellenic University is Greece’s first state university, where programmes are taught exclusively in English.
    It already attracts a strong international academic faculty and outstanding students from Southeast and other European and Black Sea countries.

    As a state University, all degrees awarded are accredited by the Government and are recognized in the European Union and internationally.

    The Course

    The MA in Art, Law and Economy adopts a multi-disciplinary approach and is addressed to graduates of various academic backgrounds, including law, economics, political science, history of art, philosophy, etc., who wish to specialize in the interrelation between art, law and the economy.

    We aim at providing candidates with:

    • the specialized legal, financial and cultural background to pursue a successful career in academia and research, private organisations that trade in works of art, museums, art collections, law firms practicing in the field or public sector organizations involved in the management, legal protection, re-claiming and supporting works of art
    • legal and financial expertise on the operation and management of art markets (including sales of works of art, art portfolio management, art auctions etc.)
    • in-depth knowledge on the national and international legal framework on national heritage, monument preservation, art loans or archaeology laws
    • intellectual property law expertise within a globalized art market
    • insights on those fields of law (constitutional, civil, penal etc.) affecting the legal protection of works of art.

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