• Max Duration 18
  • Start Date of Studies October 2012
  • Educational Form taught
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    The programme offers a critical and multifarious study of the Black Sea region, from ancient history and archaeology to contemporary art and modern economy. The Black Sea region is an area of particular importance for the Eurasian region, due to its strategic location and abundance in natural resources.

    The International Hellenic University

    The International Hellenic University is Greece’s first state university, where programmes are taught exclusively in English.
    It already attracts a strong international academic faculty and outstanding students from Southeast and other European and Black Sea countries.

    As a state University, all degrees awarded are accredited by the Government and are recognized in the European Union and internationally.

    The Course

    The MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies provides specialised education in demanding areas of interest such as Archaeology, History, Ethnography, Historical Geography, Art, Religion, Mythology, Politics, Diplomacy and Economy. The aim is to enhance interreligious and inter-cultural relations between different societies of Southeastern Europe.

    The programme is addressed to graduates in:

    • Humanities, especially: History; Archaeology; Art history; Ethnography and Social Anthropology Political Sciences
    • Economics
    • International Relations

    Our graduates will be able to work in:

    • Educational and research institutes and academies all over the world dealing with the Black Sea region
    • Archaeological services, especially in the Black Sea countries (and also in Greece), or foreign archaeological missions in those countries
    • Museums, galleries and other places of collection, study and exhibition of works of art, especially from this region
    • The Diplomatic Corps or other state services
    • Businesses which operate or have interests in the Black Sea region

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