Management and Counselling in European Education

Degree: Master
University: University of Mnster , Faculty: Department of Education
City: Mnster , Country: Germany
Discipline: Applied Sciences, Proffesions&Arts
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  • Start Date of Studies October
  • Admission deadline September 15th
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The one-year international Master´s Study "Management and Counselling in European Education", offered since 2010/2011 as an international study held in cooperation of the University of Zagreb/Faculty of Teacher Education and the University of Münster/Institute for Educational Study is the first such study which is also offered as an extra-occupational study programme. The programme is devised to train education counselors and education managers in the issues of Europe-oriented educational reforms on all levels of education including Lifelong Learning and the concepts of Diversity Management in companies and public institutions.

    • The Study Programme consists of two month-long attendance periods at the University of Zagreb and the University of Münster, respectively. The greatest part of the Study is conducted via eLearning, which enables employed students to take part in the Master's Study.
    • The Study is accredited as a Joint Degree of the University of Zagreb and the University of Münster.
    • The Programme is coordinated by the Center for European Education, a German-Croatian university center. Fifteen universities from ten European countries cooperate currently at the Center.
    • The Course is conducted in German and English by the teaching staff employed at universities in European countries cooperating within the Center.
    • An internship is foreseen within the framework of the Study: this can be carried out in an international educational institution or an appropriate department of an (international) company. In addition, evening lectures and discussions with experts from economy, politics and education will be organised during attendance periods in Zagreb and Münster.

    New in this Study is the recognition of work experience as a study accomplishment in form of ECTS points. This enables also the admission of employed students who hold a three-year Bachelor's Degree and have at least one year of work experience in a fiel relevant for the study.

    Why an International Master's Course for Reform Processes in the European Educational System?

    In view of globalisation and European integration processes, educational systems in Europe are experiencing a profound change affecting schools and universities as well as public and private further education and professional development institutions. This process crosses national boundaries and requires transnational solutions as well as respective knowledge and competences enabling the organisation of the structural and content-related changes. The aim of the Master's Course "Management and Counselling in European Education" is to prepare the students in this respect. In view of this goal, the students

    • receive comprehensive insight in the theories and practice fields of educational policies and reforms in European countries as well as the issues of educational system management;
    • earn skills enabling them to initiate Europe-oriented reforms in national education systems and to develop criteria for Europe-oriented reforms and the quality of their implementation in national education policies;
    • are taught the skills of applying the counselling, management, teaching and project activities on site and under the consideration of Europe-wide developments
    • are enabled to counsel education (schools, universities and higher education institutions) as well as further education institutions regarding content and structure issues

    Academic Year and Structure of Study

    The one-year international Master's Study Management and Counselling in European Education is divided in three study parts. The first two study periods consist of modules and respective one-month full-time attendance periods each. The timeframe of these study periods is the academic year 2010/2011. The third part of study ends in the first half of the academic year 2011/12. The M.A. Study is valued with 60 Credit Points. As a combination of three study periods and pauses in between, the Study stretches over a timeframe of 18 months.

    • The first part of study begins in October 2010 with a one-month attendance period at the University of Zagreb/Croatia and continues with a supervised eLearning self-study period. The study period ends on February 28th. In this timeframe Modules 1, 2 and the first Unit of Module 3 are taught.
    • The second part of study begins and ends with eLearning periods, with a one-month attendance period at the University of Münster in May 2011 between the eLearning sections. Modules 4, 5 and the second Unit of Module 3 are taught in this phase, which ends September 30th 2011. All exams including internships must be completed until the end of this study part.
    • The third part of study begins October 1st 2011 and is intended for completion and submission of the Master's Thesis. For the elaboration of the M.A. thesis a timeframe of 11 weeks is foreseen. Regarding the form of study, submission deadline is determined flexibely. However, the assessment of the M.A. thesis must be included in the total timeframe of 18 months, which cannot be exceeded.


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