Master in Graphic Communication

Degree: Master
University: Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona , Faculty: Communication and Journalism
City: Barcelona , Country: Spain
Discipline: Natural Sciences
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  • Start Date of Studies October
  • Language Spanish
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The Master in Graphic Communication is a pogramme that integrates the areas of creativity, graphic design, preparation of digital camera-ready artwork and final production (communication, construction and production) of the graphic artwork in print as well as multimedia.

    Conceived as the natural follow up for the Bachelor in Communication or similar, for students who wish to strengthen their profiles in art direction, design, and visual communication production, i.e., to strengthen their profiles as visual communicators.

    The aim is to teach the creation, pre-production and final production processes of any graphic product in depth. Visual communication products generated from graphic design, for advertising, editorial, journalistic or multimedia purposes. The work of the visual communicator does not finish at the creation phase. His or her input continues to be required along the entire work process.

    He or she must make sure to obtain the visual product under the established conditions. To do so, it is necessary to know how to manage the entire process. For good creative work to be successful, it is necessary to convey it efficiently to the final piece and for a reasonable price.

    The content of this programme is usually not taught professionally enough in schools and communication or design departments, so communicators have no option but to learn little by little from experience. With this Master in Graphic Communication, we aim to train students on the fundamental concepts about processes, materials, equipment and budgets, all of which take part in the process of visual communication work.

    The Master in Graphic Communication is structure in two graduate certificates and a final master work, an online graduate certificate (Graphic Communication Strategies), and another one on-site (Graphic Message Production). Of the first, there are two sessions,one which is usually scheduled between January and May, and another one from October to February. There is an annual edition of the on-site graduate certificate, between November and May.

    The purpose of the programme is to offer students a professional and practical overview of the process to obtain communication products, as well as to review the different disciplines that are part of the process.

    Thus, the students working on particular projects learn to solve problems and it makes it easier to access or change jobs in the area of visual communication.

    The Master is inteded to place students or develop professionals in the following areas:

    - Advertising agencies
    - Publishing companies
    - Design studios
    - Graphic media
    - Advertisers
    - Press offices

    The competencies that students must develop in this master should train them in visual communication management in different areas. In that sense, the abilities develped are perfect for professions such as Art Director for a publisher, multimedia, advertising; Camera-Ready Artwork Management; Communication Product Mangement or Producer, as well as Retail Consultant as it involves visual communication.


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