Master of Re-education and Medical Engineering (M1 and M2)

Degree: Master
University: Universit Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) , Faculty: Re-education and Medical Engineering (RIM - Ex 3R)
City: Paris , Country: France
Discipline: Life Sciences, Medicine & Health
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline June 1
  • Language French
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The "Re-education and Medical Engineering" (RIM) major of UPMC´s Master of Science and Technology, formerly "Re-education, Re-adaptation, Rehabilitation" offering three specializations, was expanded at the start of the 2009 academic year with a fourth specialization which covers the field of medical engineering.

    Consequently, the RIM Master´s has two complementary goals:

    * to train new health professionals who are able to master and develop common interdisciplinary concepts. The major intends to meet a strong demand from students and young professionals who wish to participate in the scientific development of their field, to gain new cross-cutting skills and to innovate.
    * to make the medical disciplines and engineering converge, giving students a double expertise and the possibility to contribute to the development of the medical technology of the future.

    The Master´s degree leads to careers in teaching, management and technical applications in the health sector, and the following professions in particular:

    "Re-education, Re-adaptation and Rehabilitation" Orientation (3R)

    * Teacher
    * Coordinator of first-year and continuing education vocational courses
    * Technical Advisor in health services (social and sanitary), public or private sector
    * Education Consultant in rehabilitation for administrations, public or private bodies.
    * Project manager/consultant in the health and disabilities field for the Ministry of Education.
    * Manager of health risk prevention/education or ergonomics in local authorities, companies and associations for children, people with disabilities, chronic illness, etc.
    * Consultant for networks (Alzheimer´s, Autism, Diabetes, Pain, Gerontology, Sight-impaired, Myopathy, Parkinson´s, Perinatal, etc.)
    * Planning, ergonomics and environment expert.

    "Medical Engineering" Orientation (IM)

    * This is a vocational course with practical papers as well as general papers and a long-term (4-6 month) internship in a hospital or medical instrumentation company.
    * The course gives students the instrumental scientific and technological knowledge needed for patient care, and the skills needed for professionalism in the health industry.
    * Research and development in medical instrumentation
    * Operational marketing for medical instrumentation
    * Hospital engineer
    * Clinical studies assistant
    * Medical imaging engineer
    * Robotic systems engineer


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