• Max Duration 12
  • Tuition fee 10.400E a year
  • Start Date of Studies October 2012
  • Currency euro
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme name: Management of Development


    Specialisation: Rural Development and HIV-AIDS


    Responding to the HIV AIDS epidemic from a development perspective

    The entry of the HIV/AIDS epidemic into rural areas has greatly depleted populations' productive resources. The consequences to livelihoods are severe - in terms not only of income and food security, but also of gender equality. New types of household and client group are emerging, and new needs and problems arising. The situation is complicated by the continuing influence of HIV-related stigma. How can those who work on rural development, poverty alleviation and food security respond to such problems without changing the core business of their organisation?

    One answer lies in impact mitigation. Another - especially with regard to the socio-economic context - lies in prevention. Both approaches give rural development organisations greater scope for meeting the epidemic head-on. That is why the responses formulated by participants in this Master's programme reflect a profound understanding of the complex relationship between development and HIV/AIDS. It is also why the programme ensures that participants acquire the skills they need to apply this understanding in practice.

    The programme warmly welcomes professionals who work in rural development organisations (governmental and non-governmental) and are involved in for instance service delivery, community development, small business development and micro financing.


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