Master of Social Sciences by Research in Geography

Degree: Master
University: National University of Singapore City: Singapore , Country: Singapore
Discipline: Social Sciences
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  • Tuition fee SING $12,130 a year
  • Start Date of Studies Aug-10 Jan-11
  • Admission deadline 15/May/10
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  • Programme Description In this course students are encouraged to develop a deeper and more critical understanding of both physical and human environments. Students will acquire knowledge, skills and perspectives which will enable them to better evaluate and appreciate the interdependent world they live in. The Department offers four strands of geographical enquiry: physical features and processes of the earth's surface; the interaction between societies and space; human-environment relationships; and regional specialisations. Emphasis will be given to understanding the local situation as well as regional and global influences. Students will also be exposed to various research techniques through seminars, laboratory sessions, and hands-on workshops in geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing, and fieldwork. As geography trains one has to think critically and write analytically, these valuable assets prepare graduates well for administrative jobs in government bodies, statutory boards and private organizations. About a third of the graduates presently work in the civil service and statutory boards, including the armed forces as diplomats, administrators, executive officers, planners and research analysts. Another third has found employment in a wide range of occupations, as marketing officers, public relations officers, bank officers, journalists, editors, librarians, stockbrokers, real estate developers and politicians. The rest have joined educational institutions, from secondary schools to universities, as teachers and lecturers. There is still a shortage of graduate geography teachers and students planning on a teaching career are encouraged to take modules suitable for teaching purposes. An academic career with the university is also a possibility for outstanding graduates with a Ph.D. degree.

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