MBA in International Hospitality Management

Degree: Master
University: Glion Institute of Higher Education , Faculty: Glion Graduate School
City: Glion , Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Applied Sciences, Proffesions&Arts
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  • Start Date of Studies July
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The overall objective of master's level business and management degrees is to educate individuals as managers and business specialists, thereby improving the quality of management as a profession. Master's degrees add value to first degrees by developing an integrated and critically aware understanding of management and organizations, and assist individuals to take effective roles within them.

    The purpose of these degrees is fourfold:

    • The advanced study of organizations, their management and the changing external context in which they operate
    • Preparation for and/or development of a career in business and management by developing skills at a professional or equivalent level, or as preparation for research or further study in the area
    • Development of the ability to apply knowledge and understanding of business and management to complex issues, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management practice
    • Enhancement of lifelong learning skills and personal development, to work with self-direction and originality and to contribute to business and society at large

    At the end of the Glion MBA program, the student will have developed specific competencies in hotel, tourism and related service industry management to:

    1. Lead and motivate individuals, teams and organizations within a diverse and multicultural global business environment
    2. Critically analyze and question knowledge, theories and practices in functional disciplines such as marketing, finance, operations, and HR
    3. Apply practical knowledge of sound industry practices to capitalize on strategic opportunities, manage effectively, and solve complex business problems
    4. Critically analyze issues in technology management and innovation and their relevance for organizational success and competitive advantage
    5. Make business decisions with reference to accepted industry standards of business ethics, corporate governance, and social responsibility.


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