• Max Duration 12
  • Educational Form taught
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Meeting the challenges of future energy technologies - reliability, sustainability, efficiency and environmental compatibility - requires well-trained engineers with a profound knowledge of all the exciting opportunities available to us. The MSc ENTECH programme gives engineers this know-how.

    In contrast to the engineering education of the past, which was typically restricted to single aspects like electrical or mechanical, ENTECH focuses on acquiring the interdisciplinary knowledge essential for coping with the complexity of future energy systems. It gives you a wide range of hands-on opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills both in theory and in practice. What’s more, the programme strongly emphasises integrating creative, entrepreneurial and leadership skills to foster the creation of new ideas and to turn them into innovative products, services, processes and policies.

    Completing MSc ENTECH equips you to meet tough challenges in the design, development, operation and analysis of future energy technologies. At the same time you gain:

    •     In-depth knowledge in two fields of energy engineering
    •     A profound knowledge of the overall field
    •     The ability to work in interdisciplinary teams
    •     Skills in project management and innovation

        which enable you to:

    •     Design new processes and energy systems
    •     Develop new technologies beyond current state of the art
    •     Evaluate the feasibility and impact of new technologies
    •     Implement developed ideas



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