• Max Duration 18
  • Start Date of Studies October 2012
  • Educational Form taught
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    The International Hellenic University

    The International Hellenic University is Greece’s first state university, where programmes are taught exclusively in English.
    It already attracts a strong international academic faculty and outstanding students from Southeast and other European and Black Sea countries.

    As a state University, all degrees awarded are accredited by the Government and are recognized in the European Union and internationally.

    The Course

    The IHU MSc in Sustainable Development focuses on understanding the current status and future trends in sustainable development and corporate responsibility. The programme provides the necessary theoretical background to understanding the concept of sustainable development in relation to the operation of firms and organisations and the applied tools and techniques to integrate sustainable practices in their management.

    The Consulting Project

    During the second or third quarter, students participate in a consulting project relevant to the Stream they have joined. In groups, students study an actual environmental problem of a particular firm or organisation. Following analysis of the problem, the students prepare and present concrete and practical solution(s).

    The Dissertation

    The dissertation is an individual 10,000-word paper of original scientific (theoretical or applied) work, which upon completion is submitted for examination and approval by a three - member committee chaired by the student's supervisor.


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