• Curricula

    Admission requirements
    Participation is limited to 10 persons. The programme is open to those holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science or a closely related field. Sufficient knowledge in English language is also required.
    For details, please see the admission pages at www.abo.fi /master

  • Disciplines

    Disciplines & curricula

    Master of Science (Technology) 120 cr

    Main subject 20 cr
    Advanced studies in Software Engineering 20 cr

    Development of Web Applications and Web Services 5 cr
    Software Architectures 5 cr
    Selectable (10 cr are chosen)
    Specification Methods 5 cr
    Software Safety 5 cr
    Software Quality 5 cr
    Software Testing 5 cr
    Special course in Software Engineering 5 cr

    Master’s thesis 30 cr
    Master’s thesis in Software Engineering 30 cr

    Mandatory project course 10 cr
    Project course 10 cr

    Minor subject 1 20 cr
    Network Software
    Parallel Programming 5 cr
    Network Software 5 cr
    Cryptography and Network Security 5 cr
    Distributed Systems (UTU) 5 cr
    Minor subject 2 20 cr
    Information Systems and Management Sciences
    Selectable (20 cr are chosen)
    Project Management 5 cr
    Financial Planning 5 cr
    Management Science and Inventory Analysis 5 cr
    User-centred Design of Information Systems 5 cr
    Business Intelligence 5 cr
    Data Mining and Text Mining 5 cr
    Mobile Value Services 5 cr

    Mandatory Swedish language course 5 cr
    Swedish as a foreign language, level 1 5 cr

    Free optional studies 15 cr
    Optional courses in any subject 15 cr  

    Master’s thesis
    After completing all the courses, students will do their thesis project either at the department by contributing to the scientific research of the university or in industry under the guidance of local or external advisors.


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