Aerospace Engineering PhD

Degree: PhD
University: The University of Manchester , Faculty: School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering
City: Manchester , Country: United Kingdom
Discipline: Engeneering & Technology
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    This Group undertakes research directly relevant to the aerospace industry and also of a quite fundamental nature. Manchester has a distinguished history in turbulence modelling (from Osborne Reynolds to Brian Launder) and also in Fluids (e.g. Lamb and Goldstein), reflected in aerodynamics and heat transfer research today coupled with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) allied to interests in Dynamics, Composite Structures and Aeroelasticity.

    There is strong industrial linkage with EADS, Airbus and the Group is a preferred academic partner for BAE Systems in experimental aerodynamics and dynamic loads. EU collaboration is particularly strong. There are excellent test facilities for dynamics and aerodynamics with large wind tunnels at the Goldstein Laboratory.
    Aerospace Research Institute(UMARI)
    Specialist Interest Groups (SIG)
    Advanced Flow Diagnostics and Insrumentation
    Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Dynamics and Aeroelasticity
    Experimental Aerodynamics
    Turbulence Mechanics


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