Agricultural Economics

Degree: PhD
University: University of Maribor , Faculty: Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences
City: Maribor , Country: Slovenia
Discipline: Applied Sciences, Proffesions&Arts
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  • Start Date of Studies October
  • Admission deadline Call for applications has been published on May 29th; Deadline for applicants: September 15th; Enrollment: October 14th 2010
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The aim of proposed doctoral study programme of Agricultural Economics is to deepen previous students´ knowledge and to qualify them for research work in Agricultural Economics, Management and informatics, Agricultural and Food Marketing Agricultural Policy and Rural Development. The proposed Ph.D. study programme enables additional education of researchers that are able to conduct individual scientific work. The proposed system assures high quality of a programme (requirements for publishing research results in journals with impact factor).

    The Agricultural Economics study programme is designed so that it enhances the graduates' employability in various fields. These range from holding leading positions in agriculture (agricultural enterprises, extension services, etc.) to active participation in various administrative jobs, for which extensive knowledge of agricultural economics and management is required (various research agencies, agricultural stock exchange, various trade associations, state-administration units, etc.).

    The main goal of proposed study programme is to educate future researchers, who will be able to conduct research work in research institutions, academic institutions and also in civil service and in economic environment. Students will get general competences as follows:
    o to identify, analyze and solve research problem,
    o to get deeper knowledge in research methods and procedures in research work,
    o to transfer the knowledge form theory to practice,
    o autonomy in research work,
    o consideration to professional ethics.

    Their specific competences will address:
    o ability to solve research problems in the field of agricultural economics,
    o development of skills and knowledge in the research area of agricultural economics and related disciplines,
    o use of standard empirical methods in the research area of agricultural economics and related disciplines,
    o ability of presentation of research results to wider audience by publishing in scientific journals.


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