Biocatalysis PhD

Degree: PhD
University: The University of Manchester , Faculty: School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science
City: Manchester , Country: United Kingdom
Discipline: Engeneering & Technology
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Our research in Biocatalysis focusses on the applied aspects of using enzymes and living cells to manufacture chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, and fragrances. Our research integrates development of new enzymes and whole cell biocatalysts with development and optimisation of the manufacturing processes. Often, this requires the translation of state-of-the-art chemical reaction systems to biological systems - for example, we use microreactors and neoteric solvents for biocatalytic processes. We also work on developing a fundamental understanding of biocatalytic processes, using computational, mechanistic and structural enzymology, whilst for whole cell biocatalysts, we use systems biology to understand cellular performance in manufacturing processes. Our research in biocatalysis is supported by BBSRC, EPSRC, DTI and industry funding. We also benefit from support from the UK Centre of Excellence in Biocatalysis, which is a research consortium funded by 20 international companies with interests in biocatalytic manufacturing.


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