Degree: PhD
University: Pompeu Fabra University , Faculty: Department of Experimental and Health Science
City: Barcelona , Country: Spain
Discipline: Life Sciences, Medicine & Health
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  • Max Duration 12
  • Tuition fee € 300 - Details
  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline January 15; March 15; May 15; June 30
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description


    The main objective of this doctorate is to carry out a research project constituting the basis for defending the doctoral thesis.

    Lines of research of the doctorate

    * Biomedical informatics and systems biology: the bioinformatics of the genome, complex systems laboratory, structural bioinformatics, computer assisted drug design, sanitary telematics, microarrays, chemogenomics, molecular evolution...
    * Genetic and epigenetic regulation: transcriptional regulation, chromatic expression and expression of genes, regulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing, interactions of protein-RNA, regulation of the synthesis of proteins in eukaryotes, translational control of genes expression, epigenetic events in cancer...
    * Cell and developmental biology: immune system receptor inhibitors, cell signalling, neurogenesis, myogenesis, responses to stress, haematopoietic differentiation, stem cell biology, cell cycle and apoptosis, pancreatic differentiation and cancer, epithelial morphogenesis, replication of RNA viruses, organogenesis...
    * Pharmacology and clinical pathophysiology: research into pain, neuropharmacology of addiction to drugs, chemical analyses, proteomics, analysis of drugs in biological samples, clinical pharmacology, substance use disorders, applied mycology...
    * Human genetics and evolutional biology: genomic diversity, function of the genes, gene therapy, genetic causes of diseases, murine models of diseases, analysis of the behaviour of genetically modified mice, Williams-Beuren syndrome...
    * Epidemiology and public health: occupational health, effects of environmental pollution, epidemiology of asthma, evaluation of the perception of health, molecular and clinical epidemiology of pancreatic cancer, epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases, etc.


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