Clinical Psychology

Degree: PhD
University: University of Limerick , Faculty: Faculty of Education and Health Sciences
City: Limerick , Country: Ireland
Discipline: Social Sciences
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  • Tuition fee € 12650
    € 30250 (non-EEA)
  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline January 29th
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    This is a full time three year professional course, leading to a Doctoral qualification in clinical psychology. Graduates are qualified to work as Clinical Psychologists. The programme is designed around the Accreditation Guidelines of the Psychological Society of Ireland for postgraduate courses in Clinical Psychology.

    There are four key strands around which course delivery is organised:

    (1) Academic Competence;

    (2) Clinical Competence;

    (3) Research Competence;

    (4) Personal Development.

    The programme is primarily based on the principles of life-span developmental psychology as applied in the clinical setting. There is a strong emphasis on empirically based theoretical orientations including psychodynamic, cognitive and behavioural theories. Programme delivery is through active learning workshops based on adult learning principles including experiential learning, skills practice and reflective practice.


    * To provide a programme that is academically rigorous to the highest standards of its international counterparts, that accords with the principles of best practice in professional education of clinical psychologists and that meets standards laid down by The Psychological Society of Ireland.
    * To enable students to develop clinical practitioner skills through appropriate, supervised clinical placements in which clinical and research skills can be applied in a real world setting.
    * To engage students in academic and service-based research.
    * To promote student ability and commitment to practice within a strong ethical framework.
    * To provide the community with competent professional clinical psychologists to work in the health service.


    Clinical Psychologists to work in the Health Service, Voluntary Body Sector, The Prison Service and other related areas.


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