Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Gender Studies

Degree: PhD
University: Central European University , Faculty: Gender Studies Department
City: Budapest , Country: Hungary
Discipline: Social Sciences
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline Those to take CEU exams: January 25; With complete test scores: March 16
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The PhD program seeks to contribute to the development of studies in gender which are interdisciplinary, integrative, and grounded in analyses of social processes, theories, institutions and the material conditions of life. The program aims to promote the study of gender and its correspondence with categories such as class, ethnicity, race and sexual orientation, and to do research on diversified patterns of social and cultural change. Thus, students are encouraged to understand the complexity of gender. They will combine the critique of androcentrism with a critique of Eurocentric perspectives and epistemologies, particularly-but not exclusively-in Central and Eastern Europe. Within this framework, gender is understood as an element and product of processes of global, regional and local development. The program at CEU helps students analyze gender in an historically and culturally contextualized manner with consideration of institutions, social processes, and other salient material conditions.

    Doctoral enrollment may continue up to a maximum of six years. Students admitted into CEU doctoral programs are eligible to receive the CEU Doctoral Fellowship for three years. Numerous additional funding opportunities exist, such as the Doctoral Research Support Grant Program, the Erasmus Mobility Scheme, and various research and travel funds. Further information on financial aid is available at: Additional information on CEU´s doctoral programs can be found at:

    Sample Courses for the Doctoral Program
    The Uses of Comparative and Integrative Perspectives for Women´s and Gender Studies; Research Methods in Gender Studies; Intimacy, Sexuality and Citizenship


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