Doctoral Program

Degree: PhD
University: International University of Monaco (IUM) , Faculty: Marketing Department
City: Monte-Carlo , Country: Monaco
Discipline: Business & Economics
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  • Tuition fee € 32500 - Details
  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline June 15th
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The Doctoral Program is a 36-month, 80-semester credit program of post masters study completed in six 12-week semesters.

    Under the auspices and general supervision of Institut d'Administration des Entreprises, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (IAE-UNSA) the doctoral program is the result of a collaborative initiative between IAE-UNSA and the International University of Monaco (IUM). The program leads to the conferral of the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management (PhD) degree by IAE-UNSA.

    IUM is accepting applications for this program in 2009.

    The doctoral program is a highly innovative, comprehensive, advanced degree that offers students the opportunity to investigate and explore business disciplines at a sophisticated, in-depth level.

    The program culminates in original research that may be:

    Practitioner-oriented and designed to be of functional significance to the practice of management. A sustained theoretically-based investigation of the management field leading to novel re-considerations of existing work. Purely research-based, original analysis and consideration of data and phenomena to correspond with similar research extant in the academic milieu.

    Rigorous reflection and deliberation focused on academic examinations of current developments in the business and management field. In a dynamic format that combines intensive coursework and applied or research-oriented scholarship, the doctoral program seeks to leverage the research achievements and theoretical knowledge of IUM and IAE-UNSA faculty, as well as their managerial expertise and real world experience. The program aims to produce academically well-qualified graduates with a meaningful understanding of the ways in which working managers may impact the multinational business setting - as well as the implications of such actions.

    There are effectively two tracks students may choose from: to become theoretical researchers, academics, or teachers; or to embark on careers as applied researchers, consultants, and senior corporate roles.

    A distinctive feature of the doctoral program is the project-based nature of both coursework and dissertation; students are not permitted to proceed to doctoral candidacy until they have identified a firm, government entity, or other type of organization that is willing to "sponsor" their research. This sponsorship provides students with a real world laboratory where they can identify specific problems to address through their research, and create useful applications of that research to the firm in question.


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