Doctorate Professional Studies

Degree: PhD
University: Sheffield Hallam University , Faculty: Faculty of Health and Wellbeing
City: Sheffield , Country: United Kingdom
Discipline: Life Sciences, Medicine & Health
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  • Tuition fee € 2664 - Details
  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Programme Alternatives part-time
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    This interprofessional course enables experienced professionals from all areas of health, social care, biomedical science and sport and exercise science to focus on their specific research interests and gain a professional doctorate award.

    Professional doctorates are equivalent to PhDs but focus on the development of professional practice and suit the needs of experienced professionals.

    Advanced level clinical, scientific and practice leaders are needed in all professional groups. These leaders need to be able to provide examples of excellence in their own fields, as well as communicating and collaborating effectively with other professions.

    The professional areas of health, social care, biomedical science, and sport and exercise science interact and overlap in increasingly productive ways. In these areas the growing emphasis on evidence-based practice means that professionals need a sophisticated and critical understanding of a range of research methods and outputs.
    You need the research skills to develop and use appropriate methodologies in your own areas of practice, as well as an understanding of the research perspectives of the professional areas you interact with.

    This programme is supported by four of our research centres. They are

    * Centre for Health and Social Care Research
    * Biomedical Research Centre
    * Centre for Sport and Exercise Science
    * Sport Industry Research Centre

    Professional doctorates are research degrees, like PhDs, but designed to develop your ability to work at the highest academic level in an applied professional context. They are more likely to include research into aspects of professional practice.


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