Higher Education (Online) (EdD)

Degree: PhD
University: University of Liverpool in Coop. with Laureate Online Education , Faculty: Laureate Online Education
City: Liverpool , Country: United Kingdom
Discipline: Applied Sciences, Proffesions&Arts
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  • Start Date of Studies Unknown
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The University of Liverpool´s Doctor of Education - Higher Education (EdD) is a professional doctoral programme focussed on the latest practice, research, and leadership thinking within Higher Education environments. The programme places great emphasis on the development of a deep understanding of universities, operating in a global context, as places of learning and as learning institutions.
    Delivered 100% online and supported by rich media - the focus of the programme is on the use of professional knowledge, academic and policy literature, and published and personal research to promote the leader at the heart of institutional development.

    The practically oriented approach of the programme allows working professionals to create and apply actionable, research-based, knowledge, and critical thinking skills, with immediate effect into their professional practice.

    The learning experience, in combination with a classroom of international educators, offers exciting opportunities for students to network with professionals from all over the world. This EdD programme aims to deliver a professional practitioner who is insightful, reflective, confident working with published materials, and capable of creating exceptional practical, research informed knowledge as a leader in Higher Education environments.

    Each class cohort will consist of students from diverse backgrounds, bringing unique, individual insights and perspectives of Higher Education into the classroom. The curriculum of the EdD is constructed from an international perspective - using research, case studies, policy and academic literature from international sources - to complete the international experience.

    The programme employs a pedagogy that is based around forms of collaborative inquiry. With collaborative inquiry, a group of educators study their own practice, develop their capacity to engage in research, and share results of their studies to deepen the understanding of every individual in the class. The programme aims to extend students´ capacity for educational leadership within the setting of Higher Education, to ensure visible and transformative personal impact. Students will conduct investigations within the workplace setting that support evidence-based problem solving of direct relevance to their work and career development.

    A key feature of the EdD in facilitating transformative personal impact for the student is the Doctoral Development Plan (DDP), which provides continuity and support throughout the whole programme. The DDP is a unique module incorporated into the EdD programme designed to facilitate students´ understanding and experience of the personal transformation process. It captures the student´s reflections in their personal transformation to becoming a doctoral scholar and practitioner, supports the creation of a doctoral level professional knowledge portfolio, and further develops critical thinking skills.


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