Degree: PhD
University: Hanken School of Economics , Faculty: Department of Finance and Statistics
City: Helsinki , Country: Finland
Discipline: Business & Economics
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  • Tuition fee Free - Details
  • Start Date of Studies January, September
  • Admission deadline 17.5.2010 and 22.10.2010
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Hanken offers advanced research-based doctoral education to students aiming for a career requiring analytical thinking and research skills, be it in academia, the corporate world or the public sector. The studies leading to a PhD degree require four years of full-time study, of which approximately one year consists of course work. The thesis project constitutes the remaining part of the degree and is carried out under active supervision. Hanken is a member of several Finnish Researcher Schools and is involved in active collaboration within international networks and with other universities. This guarantees the availability of a wide range of courses and other academic activities for its students.

    Economic analysis and prognosis are of central importance within the research conducted.


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