Degree: PhD
University: University of Geneva , Faculty: Faculty of Protestant Theology
City: Geneva , Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Humanities and Art
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  • Tuition fee € 700
  • Start Date of Studies
  • Admission deadline 30 April
  • Language French
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The doctoral programme in theology aims to encourage exchanges among doctoral students. It develops a culture of communication and exchange of personal ideas through dialogue and the presentation of critical papers. It also aims to encourage contact between doctoral students working on similar themes and to cultivate an interdisciplinary approach to theology, providing the experience of a genuine "science community" favouring transmission of the results of scientific research.

    Also taught in other faculties:
    Faculty of Theology (University of Neuchatel)
    Faculty of Protestant Theology (University of Geneva)

    Faculty of Theology (University of Fribourg)

    Length of programme: 10 semesters maximum


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