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Asociatia Millennium Center recruteaza persoane pentru un stagiu de voluntariat in: Cehia
Organizatie gazda: Organizatia Slezska Diakonie

Titlul proiectului:Church schools
Durata proiectului:1 an incepand din Septembrie 2009
Domeniul proiectului: Munca intr-o scoala primara si secundara pentru elevi cu dizabilitati Detalii( lb. engleza):
The hosting placement Church Schools (here after only CS) is one of the 50 centers of the organization Slezska diakonie - Silesian Diacony. It consists of nursery, basic and secondary schools in which children/students with mental and combined handicaps are provided with a special education. The nursery school is attended by kids aged from 2 - 5 years, basic school by kids aged from 6 -14 years and secondary school by young people aged from15 - 35 years. They attend a rehabilitative educational programme. It is important to emphasize that most of the basic school pupils have severe handicaps. Some of them have combined handicaps. They are immobile, have problems with verbal communication or need to wear nappies. In the secondary school the average class has six pupils with various levels of handicaps (light to medium) who are taught by teachers with the aid of pedagogical assistants. The school of placement is located in two buildings close to each other and near the city centre. At present there are 19 employees at the school. The school has three other branches in different towns of the district.
Proposed activities for EVS volunteers

The hosting placement, CS, wants to host two international volunteers. The volunteers will be considered as members of a team at the schools. It is important for potential candidates to realize that these activities are first an alternative education system rather than common activities in social work. Volunteers will help kids with all stages of handicaps.
During the learning process, volunteers will have possibilities to gain practical hard skills (Czech or Polish language, PC skills,...) as well as soft skills (communication, empathy, intercultural self-awareness), to learn through the internal reflection or individual training courses during service and by exchanging their experiences with staff members. They will learn empathy by working with handicapped kids requiring special care and treatment. They will learn alternative ways of communication and being patient (results from work are often seen after few months or years). It will be a great occasion for them to get to know an special education methods (e.g. how to approach and take care of kids with various kinds of handicap)and education system in Czech Rep. The volunteers will additionally have trainings held by the National Agency and the coordinating organisation, Silesian Diacony. The main goals of these trainings are to define expectation, to reflect on experiences and knowledge, to learn social and intercultural values and to evaluate the program. The Silesian Diacony commits to offering support to the volunteers and supervisors through telephone contact, scheduled visits to placements and seminars to review and reflect the experiences of the voluntary service.
The volunteers will participate in all routine daily activities except those which require special social and psychological training. The volunteers will work independently but with support and observation from the staff, especially intially due to inexperience and language barriers. The volunteers will be a valuable extra resource for the school's activities and are not intended to replace existing staff or fulfil staff's current duties.
There are a variety of the activities for the volunteers:

1. Helping pupils in pedagogic process under leadership of teachers: drawing, singing, working with PC, listening to relax music, motion games, swinging kids on swings, training of getting dressed, sewing, playing music instruments (50%)
2. Helping with serving food and feeding handicapped kids, cleaning after meal, changing sheets of linen (20%)
3. Helping immobile pupils in work and displacement: walking with kids, moving to other classes or places (20%)
4. Helping teachers in class-rooms: storing and selecting educational instruments, preparing aids, creating school decorations (10%)
Volunteer profiles and recruitment process
The volunteers come from different countries, social background, and church denomination, but share a desire to serve and grow. The volunteers need to be willing to integrate into the School's life, having a high interest and motivation to work with disabled kids with really severe and often combined types of handicap. Volunteers should be able to work in team, to accept the special needs of disabled kids, as well as offer their own ideas and experiences, has sufficient amount of patience, flexibility and creativity. Very important is a willingness to learn Czech language to overcome a language barrier in communication with clients especially. It would be beneficial if volunteers can play any music instrument or sing, have creative or art skills. Other important qualities include: a heart for working with disabled people and their relatives, openness and good communication skills.
Candidates are asked to send an application form, motivation letter, curriculum vitae, and 3 reference letters prepared by a person who knows the potential candidate through both formal and informal activities.
Risk prevention, safety and protection

Upon arrival volunteers will be picked up by the mentor or supervisor; who will provide her/him with a support for the whole hosting time.
The coordinating organization Silesian Diacony has been involved in the international voluntary service activities since 2004 and has vast experience to find new projects and support the volunteers in their placements.
For the hosting placement Church Schools (here after only CS) of Silesian Diacony will be hosting the young person coming from a different cultural background for a new experience.
Hosting European volunteers will be interesting and enriching for both the volunteers and hosting placement. The hosting organisation thinks that volunteers can bring new social and intercultal dimensions into the organization; sharing different views of life and implementing new ideas into the placement's routine activities. It is inspiring for the CS to have young foreigners working with them; while it enables them to get practical learning of social work and experience the life in different culture and society.
CS has not cooperated with national volunteers and hosted any volunteers from EVS programme yet. The hosting project begins at the beginning of September and lasts 12 months.
Daca sunteti interesati in parcurgerea unui stagiu de voluntariat sau daca doriti detalii suplimentare despre voluntariat,va rugam sa trimiteti CV-ul dumneavoastra si o scrisoare de intentie pe adresa : projectinfo.mc@gmail.com
Termen limita: 27 Martie 2009

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