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Since the beginning, P&G has continued to lead the way and reinvent the way we do business. It''s the approach we''ve taken to each challenge and opportunity since 1837, and the way we will continue our success as we look toward the future.

We are a global company. We manufacture nearly 300 brands to nearly five billion customers, competing in 160 Marketplaces. Nearly 102,000 people in more than eighty countries worldwide work everyday to provide products of superior quality and value to the world''s consumers.

As our global involvement, commitment and operations have grown, we have continually analyzed and adapted the way we do business. Prior to 1998, P&G was organized into a Regional based structure. The regions operated from regional headquarters and were responsible for their sales, volumes and profits. As our company needs and opportunities changed, so did we. Today''s company is organized via the Organization 2005 Structure, a reorganization that places the focus on the global priorities that we have as a company. Now we think in terms of a global business structure responsible for sales, volume and profit. P&G in the Balkans P&G started operating in the Balkans in 1992 with only 3 employees, by opening a first office in Romania. Today P&G is present in the region in 7 countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Albania, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).


1992 P&G started its operations in the Balkans by opening the first office in the region in Romania. Bucharest is the place where the headquarters for the Balkans are established. 1993 The first P&G products started to be sold in the region on an export basis. Among them the high tier detergent, Ariel. 1994 P&G opened its office in Bulgaria, in Sofia and starts its operations in this country. The worldwide famous detergent Tide started to be sold in the Balkans. 1995 P&G acquires the plant in Timisoara and immediately starts the refurbishing works. The company enters the hair care category by launching its well known brands, Pantene and Head&Shoulders in Romania and Bulgaria. 1996 The plant in Timisoara is opened with a completely new face and it starts the local production of Tide. 1997 P&G starts its operations in Yugoslavia, opening the local office in Belgrade. 1998 Companys operations start in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Moldova. P&G enters the oral care category in the region by relaunching Blend-a-med toothpaste across the region. 1999 P&G office in Sarajevo, Bosnia is opened. 2000 To celebrate the new millennium P&G organized the P&G 2000 Program. The P&G 2000 Program equipped 160 schools in Romania with computer labs. To fund the project, Procter & Gamble allocated 3% of the sales of its products. The Company entered the anti-perspirants category by launching its brand, Secret. 2001 Tide brought Romania in Guinness Book by producing "the biggest shirt in the world". "Tide shown how the biggest shirt in the world can be washed. It was 45m long and 50 m in bust circumference. The total weight was 370kg. 2002 Pampers initiates the "rooming-in" system in Romania, donating 300 neonatal beds and 20 changing tables in 20 maternities, covering over 20% of the babies born annually. 2003 The second year when P&G runs the program "P&G Learn to change the world" program in Romania . The objective of the Civic Education Program is to educate children on being good citizens, getting involved in making a difference in the community''s life and induce a positive, durable attitude of caring about the community needs. 2004 P&G celebrates 10 years of successful presence on the Romanian market and inaugurates its new offices in Bucharest in the presence of Mr. Ion Iliescu, President of Romania and Mr. A.G. Lafley, President and CEO of the company.


Since the beginning, Procter&Gamble has continued to lead and reinvent the way we do business. It''s the approach we''ve taken to each challenge and opportunity since 1837, and the way we will continue our success as we look toward the future. Procter & Gamble is a global company. We are the largest company in the world in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. We manufacture nearly 300 brands (such as: Ariel, Blend-a-Med, Bonux, Head&Shoulders, Pampers, Always, Fairy, Gillette, Wella) to nearly five billion customers, competing in 160 Marketplaces. Nearly 102,000 people in more than 80 countries worldwide work everyday to provide products of superior quality and value to the world''s consumers. As our global involvement, commitment and operations have grown, we have continually analyzed and adapted the way we do business. Our company encourages diversity, including a broad range of personal attributes and characteristics such as gender, race, age, cultural heritage or personal background. We attract and recruit the finest people in the world. We build our organization from within, promoting and rewarding people without regard to any difference unrelated to performance. During your first years, a focused, tailored training program will equip you with the essential skills of customer selling, building winning relationships, owning and running a business and innovating. From there, a host of career paths are open to you that could take you around the world.


On a P&G internship you will see through your own eyes the kind of challenges we face everyday. If you are brimming with enthusiasm and have a passion to learn we can offer you a unique opportunity to try out P&G for yourself. By experiencing real work and real challenges that are integral to our business you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and see what life at P&G is really like, the good and the bad. You will participate in introductory training sessions on arrival and from then on we will guide and coach you as well as giving you access to our internal Learning and Development programmes. Within your work you will be expected to demonstrate initiative and leadership whilst learning on the job. Our internships vary in length but generally run for at least ten weeks. Internships are designed for students in their final or penultimate year of study from all degree disciplines and backgrounds.


Working as an intern for P&G is like having a full time job, with full time responsibilities and accountability. Its an excellent learning experience of what you call on the job training. You get to realize there are things that you can learn in training or at school, while nothing replaces the learning you get from actually working and delivering good results on a project. And when the outcome is being recognized for your work and rewarded with a full time job, even before ending the internship, you realize that you are part of a company where the knowledge, the individual reward and the on-going personal development are not just stories, but the nice reality. (Cristina Turutoaia, currently Assistant Brand Manager Bonux)


IBDC stands for International Business Decision Challenge. This seminar has changed its name along the years but in the end it sums up to a wonderful experience no matter how it''s called. Being one of these seminar''s alumni I am proud to admit that so far, it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Taking aside the fact that it is run by P&G, which is one of the strongest multinationals in the world, it brings together young people with a diverse cultural background bringing the seminar to a continous discovery process. As far as I am concerned it was 2 head source of information. First the wonderful gate of P&G/IDS opens up and you learn all kind of new things regarding the company as well as IDS (the formerly known IT department). You understand better what a multinational stands for and how does a giant like this keep everything together and under control. On the other hand, you get to meet young people just like you who may have a different perspective on life than you have, given by different lifestyle and education. It''s that exchange of opinions that makes the seminar even more intriguing and what makes you want for it never to stop. On top of everything, what better way to do all these than while having fun? So, are you in for the ride? (Ana Maria Ciovica, former participant to IBDC, current intern in IDS department).


Student opportunities in the Balkans countries Dates: Spring, 2007 Open to Applicants from: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro Locations: Bucharest, Romania Application Deadlines: February 28th, 2007 Eligibility: Students in their last 2 years of studies, good English knowledge. Are you a top student willingly interested on daily life international business environment? Do you have strong leadership and analytical capabilities, good communication and collaboration skills? Then join P&G Business Week! Description: The P&G Business Week is structured on 3 sections: classroom learning, teamwork and fun. We will try to balance the activities, in order to offer you the chance to experience the P&G business environment, to work with people from different Balkan countries, but also to have fun. You will work on real-life case studies in Marketing, Finance and Sales. During the day and during the dinner you will have the possibility to interact with senior P&G managers and learn more about the challenging, international and broad opportunities of a career at P&G.


Dates: Spring 2007 Open to Applicants from: Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Locations: Brussels, Belgium Application Deadlines: February 19th, 2007 Eligibility: There is no need for particular formal qualifications or a specific technical background, however a passion for business and information technology is essential. We particularly welcome applications from dynamic students with a background either in business or in information technology. It is not necessary to be near graduation: students in their last three years of studying are welcome. Because this is an international event, you must feel comfortable speaking English. Description: The International Business Decisions Challenge course is an intensive five-day course during which you will meet participants from many different countries. You will have the chance to get an insight into how Information Technology is used to bring business commercial advantage in a global business environment. The 5 days are structured to include lectures and a series of real case studies. At the end of the course, you''ll leave with a clear perspective on how Information & Decisions Solution (IDS) impacts on all aspects of our business, and the role you could play in driving P&G''s continued success. We also want you to have fun not only during the day but during the evenings as well. Social events are organized for you to enjoy the week! Agenda Highlights: Training and presentations on the role of IDS in P&G, technologies and trends, strategic planning, team effectiveness, organization assessment & design principles, order shipping & billing cycle, sales, project management, presentation skills, application life-cycle, leadership. Business Cases on strategic planning, web based applications, infrastructure and technical mastery, deployment planning, project completion and service agreements. Evenings: social events, including a special chance to meet P&Gs top IDS leaders from across the region. City tour of Brussels. This course is a wonderful opportunity to discover 1 week of IDS manager life within P&G. It is a lot of work with fun and a unique chance to meet people from Europe, Middle East and Africa! Do not miss this opportunity! Travel, accommodation and food expenses will be paid for those students selected. How to Apply: - Do you want to experience and try the challenges for Information & Decisions Solution managers at P&G real life? - Do you want to develop your management and business skills with trainings and personalized coaching? - Are you a dynamic student with a background in business or information technology and a passion for both? - Are you fluent in English? - And do you expect to graduate in 1-3 years? - Are you a top student form Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina), Baltics (Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania), Eastern Europe (Russia & Ukraine), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Central Europe South (Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech & Slovak Republic), Israel, Morocco, Poland, Turkey?


Dates: April 29th, 2007 to May 4th, 2007 Open to Applicants from: Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, Latin America and Asia. Locations: Geneva (Switzerland) Application Deadlines: February 16th, 2007 Description: The EFS is a one-week working session that was established in 1990. The 17th edition of the annual seminar will be held from Sunday, April 29th until Friday, May 4th, 2007 at the P&G European Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Travel and accommodation expenses for all participants will be paid by P&G. During this week, you and other excellent students from around the world will run a multinational business, developing your management and financial skills by working in teams and interacting with experienced P&G executives. The EFS is an opportunity for you to learn within P&G. The EFS will expose you to a real life business case study, which challenges you to develop strategies and drive decisions together with top students from all over the world. The European Financial Seminar will give you the opportunity to: Develop your management and financial skills. Test yourself in an international business environment. Interact with fellow students and experienced P&G executives to solve the types of business challenges and management issues you would face when working in an international organization like Procter & Gamble. We don''t communicate many details about the content upfront, as part of the challenge is to cope with the many surprises that you will encounter during the seminar. So, don''t miss this unforgettable global experience!

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