calendar_month 20 Aug 2007, 00:00
Get a ticket for your professional development! Join our project , in September !

Tracks :

* Sales & Negotiation- powered by InBev, Alliantz, BRD, Coca- Cola HBC, ING –7th to 9th of September

-How to select the companies that are to be contacted

-Sales and negotiation meeting process

-Negotiation flow - how to lead the discussion to a positive end

-Post meeting process - what happens after signing the contract

-Negotiation meeting simulations

-Workshops with different types selling processes depending on the market

* Marketing & PR - 17th to 19th of September

- How do you know if a campaign was a success ?

- What goes on in your target''s mind ?

- Creating and disseminating powerfull messages

- The Press Release

* Human Resources - 17th to 19th of September

- The recruitment and selection process

- What to do after they joined ?

- What is "Coaching & Mentoring" ?

Are you ready for the challenge? Are you up for the fun? Visit for more details and applications .

Deadline for applications: 1st of September