Architecture and Urbanism: Sustainability Aspects
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
he course examines the architecture and urbanism of two European cities with a very different background: Barcelona was founded as a Roman city and has been growing through the ages; Almere is the youngest city in The Netherlands and has jumped straight into the future. But there is something they have in common: they both put innovation into perspective and have sustainability in the core business of their development.The buildings and sites to be visited are an example of an efficient use of technology and energy saving. They are all part of the change in the architectural model that is contributing to improve the daily life of the citizens and the city services management.

Course leader
Fedde Huistra

Target group
Everyone interested in a sustainable approach of architecture and town development, with no or limited background in this field of expertise.

Course aim
Know first hand how new technologies are being applied in intelligent buildings and smart cities Experience what architects and town planners are doing to create a more sustainable environment Understand the benefits that the city can offer through the shift from a traditional to a sustainable and intelligent model

Credits info
2.5 ECTS This course delivers 2.5 ECTS per stage + Certificate of Attendance

Fee info
EUR 750: Housing not included

La Salle Almere Campus
Address: WTC Almere P. J. Oudweg 4
Postal code: 1314CH
City: Almere
Country: Netherlands
Phone: (+31) 367 670 550