Architecture & Urbanism in Film
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
How to transform architecture into a film? You will learn how to tell a story, how to design temporal spaces and all the tools involved in video production.Get to know all the steps involved in the production of a short film. Conceptually you will learn how to focus on architecture-related subjects through a time-based medium and how to turn architectural and urban phenomena into a story. Film is based on the careful reconstruction of fragments and synaesthetically combines image and sound, triggering you to perceive, understand and interrogate space in a different way than on the drawing board. The course will focus on the %E2%80%9EPark an der Ilm%E2%80%9C as its primary setting. Together and on-location we will discuss different conceptual approaches and research methodologies. Those tools will help you to gain insights into the site from different perspectives. The site might turn both into a stage set and research lab, into a space for sociological observation and artistic intervention. Subsequently you will prepare your short film. You will conduct research, gather materials and develop a film script or treatment. This process is followed by the planning of the days of shooting and the film shoot itself. All steps will be supervised by the course lecturer and/or course tutor, providing feedback to all your technical and conceptual questions. With the second week of the course the postproduction process begins which consists of the review, selection and eventually the montage of your materials. The editing will be accompanied by an introduction into the theory and history of montage in film and architecture. The examples will be discussed together and serve as inspiration to find the appropriate form of editing for your individual project. The course ends with a public screening of your works. In addition all participants will receive an exclusive DVD with the workshop%E2%80%99s results.

Course leader
Belinda Rukschcio & Steffen Krmer

Target group
BA and MA students as well as graduates of Architecture, Urbanism, Art & Design or Media Science (BA students in at least the 5th semester) are welcome. Requirements: Interest in architecture, art, cinema preferably first experiences in camera handling digital photo camera or mobile phone with camera function preferrably laptop (one laptop per Group) USB stick or a hard disk drivePlease note: Video and editing equipment will be provided!

Fee info
EUR 600: 2 weeks | 90 hrs The course fee is 600 EURThe course fee includes:150 EUR registration feeprogramme according to descriptionteaching materialsBauhaus Summer School ID cardInternet access at the Bauhaus-Universitt Weimarfree use of libraryaccompanying programme (except excursions)free entrance to museums belonging to Klassik Stiftung Weimar EUR 450: The course fee for students and alumni is 450 EUR.

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