Banking and Financial Management 2015
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
Design of the school persuades combination of workshops, targeted to specific domains of banking and finance, and team discussions on research projects of participants. Section leaders will deliver advanced knowledge and expertise on different domains of modern banking and finance.2015 year Summer School will organise research presentation sessions to participants. This is particularly going to be a very beneficial opportunity for participants to share with on-going research project and more important %E2%80" receive a qualified comments from experts. The proceeding of the Summer School and the research projects are expected to be considered to the peer-reviewed international journal %E2%80" Business and Economic Horizons. Organising committee welcomes research papers which can be presented on summer school and selected for publication.The project assumes combination of academic insight and professional expertise in areas:- Financial services industry in period of financial crisis- Financial technology trends and innovations in Europe- Banking innovations, risk management, eBanking, global banking- Current issues in financial and capital management- Current trends in capital markets. Emerging markets- Project financing and international investments- Public finance. Issues in taxation and public finance managementThe Summer School will discuss research projects focused on national and international issues and challenges of contemporary banking and finance management.Main activities of the BFM Summer School 2015:- Submitted research papers will go through evaluation process by BFM SS Advisory Board and peer review process - Successful ones will be published in PRADEC Interdisciplinary Conference Proceedings;id=7&number=5 - Selected papers can also be considered to research journal %E2%80" Business and Economic Horizons (BEH), which is the publishing partner of the BFM SS 2015- Participants can deliver presentations of their research projects/papers on the relevant Research Workshop Sessions of BFM SS - Invited speakers will deliver speeches on important issues of banking and financial management -

Target group
Target audience are : PhD and master course researchers Faculty members or researchers Experts on financial markets Analysts of financial companies

Course aim
The 2nd BFM SS will discuss research projects focused on national and international issues and challenges of contemporary banking and finance managementThe Summer School mission is to develop academic and expertise platform for sharing and networking on challenging national experiences and issues of in banking and financial management field.

Fee info
EUR 125: Publication in Conference/ Sumer School Proceedings (for a non-participant) 125

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