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calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
The course is divided into two main sections: drawing on-site, and discussion/presentation classes at the IED.Each day sketch-visits will be led to selections of buildings and cityscapes across Barcelona. These visits will incorporate brief presentations of the architecture and urbanism placing them in their overall context. Returning to the IED, brief sketch theory classes will set out a theoretical background to sketching, developing logical approaches to analysis, reasoning and communication through the act of drawing. Students will then develop their own narrative-maps during a short workshop. These will accompany the sketches made on each visit explaining and presenting the main thread which links through the sequence of in-situ sketches. These maps are to be completed outside of class time. They will then form the final exhibition at the end of the course.

Course leader
IED Barcelona

Target group
Architecture students interested in improving their technique in freehand drawing. Graphic artists and illustrators who want to learn about Barcelona's architecture, studying both the environment social, historic, urban) and the detail (architectural, current reality, contrasts). It is important that students have a significant base in drawing. A portfolio will be asked in order to confirm the admission to the course (2 A3 paper sheet in PDF format).

Course aim
The course aims to encourage the following attitudes: The value of drawing in-situ for discovering and absorbing essential character; The value of thinking through drawing; The value of developing insitu sketches into the basis for design projects.

Fee info
EUR 2600: Enrollment + Tuition Fee

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