Caring for water, caring for life
calendar_month 26 Oct 2015, 00:00
The demand for freshwater resources is expected to increase dramatically, thus protecting diminishing water resources has become one of the most pressing environmental issues and will likely become more complicated as climate change, species invasions, and pollution further degrade water quality and quantity. Eutrophication is one of the most widespread environmental problems of inland waters; microbial pathogens in water could represent one of the major health risks.TOPICS COVEREDGroundwater. Groundwater flow, quality monitoring and contaminant transport.Hydrogeological problems in rural areas. Manual drilling techniques, less expensive equipments.Ecology. Natural and cultural eutrophication. Water quality. Prevention and restoration strategies. Chemistry. Equilibria and Redox reactions conditions in aqueous solution. Chemistry in water quality. Microbiology. Cultural-based and molecular techniques for enumeration bacteria. Water quality. Disinfection.

Course leader
Prof. Barbara Leoni

Target group
bachelor or master students

Course aim
Aims of the summer school are to supply the theoretical and practical competences to study surface water and groundwater, as well as to provide an understanding of human impact on the water reservoirs and to promote the use of less expensive drilling equipment.Through field activities, lab and practical sessions, lecture classes students/stakeholders will learn an interdisciplinary approach of chemical, microbiological, ecological and hydrogeological aspects applied to study the basic principles, the effects and remediation so that proactive, co-operative action can be taken to prevent or significantly reduce the risk of surface water bodies becoming polluted. Field, lab and computational activities, lectures.

Fee info
EUR 350: It covers tuition, teaching materials and tutoring services. plus 1 ticket and guided visit to EXPO Milan 2015 site. Also includes social and cultural activities program held by Erasmus Student Network Bicocca.

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