CityLAB III: The Productive City
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
Cities and economic development are by nature strongly intertwined, as cities owe their existence to economic specialization and economic agglomeration. Production in the city has always been a main driver for urban growth, both before and during the nineteenth and twentieth century industrial revolution. Yet in the post-war era, production in the city has gradually shifted from a Fordist industrial, material production to a post-Fordist service economy. At the same time, the city became increasingly a place of consumption, rather than production, a process which was accompanied by modernist city planning ideas, which advocated a segregation between housing and business areas. The disappearance of small industrial activities and craftsmanship has several societal consequences, as for instance the mismatch between job opportunities and a largely unskilled labor force, the loss of connection between production and consumption, and issues of increasing mobility. This summer school on the productive city aims to discuss the productive role of cities from an interdisciplinary perspective. We set out to analyze how and why urban material production disappeared and what the consequences are. Subsequently, we will examine and discuss if material production should keep its place in the city. Inevitably, new forms of sustainable production as urban food production, urban small industrial production, and urban craftsmanship will be addressed. In addition, we will examine and discuss new ideas about the relationship between working and living and modes of transport, and related concepts and practices of urban planning.

Course leader
Tom CoppensBert De Munck

Target group
Postgraduate and professionals in urban studies, urban planning, architecture, urban economy, urban sociology.

Fee info
EUR 300: Includes orientation and course material, coffee breaks and farewell dinner. Does not include housing.

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