Creative Illustration - Idea, Concept and Image
calendar_month 28 Sep 2015, 00:00
The work is based on concept ideas, and analyses the process of creating visual metaphors using different artistic media. The course is divided into two equally important parts:a) Visualization and analysis of important illustrations, learning to appreciate the theoretical and creative aspects of this artistic activity. Brainstorming sessions, and the creative use of inventive resources.b) Practical work. How to create illustrations, beginning with the initial conceptualization: from the idea (text, heading, slogan, opinion, article, etc.) to the sketch and, finally, to the illustrated image. The course culminates with the digitalization of projects undertaken.

Course leader
IED Barcelona

Target group
Students of illustration, drawing, and visual arts who wish to develop and perfect their illustration technique.

Course aim
The Creative Illustration course aims to develop students' capacity to interpret ideas through images, providing the best creative solution for the creation of imaginative illustrations. The student will be able to develop their own personal style by experimenting with different techniques.

Fee info
EUR 2800: Enrollment and tuition