Digital Analytics in Marketing
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
Consumers nowadays leave a data trail that streams from daily life: when using their smartphones or credit cards, when watching TV or browsing online, but also when entering sensor-equipped buildings, or when using satellite navigation in their cars. On the one hand, this data revolution provides exciting opportunities for the marketing field. The availability of an abundance of highly detailed data, providing information about preferences and needs from customers from different angles, leads to unprecedented options for identifying richer and faster customer insights at the individual consumer level so that more targeted offerings can be generated more quickly. On the other hand, the data accumulate so fast and from so many different sources that storage, analysis and interpretation pose new challenges that require approaches that do not build on traditional marketing skills. Firms and scientists are working on developing new or adapted modeling techniques and data visualizations to harness the potential of the combination of structured and unstructured data generated by websites, social platforms, and mobile devices. The objective of the school is to provide an overview of the current state of affairs of scientific research in the field of marketing and to help students with their early scientific work. The international team of lecturers will be complemented with a guest speaker from practice to ensure a broad view on the strategic and analytical opportunities and challenges that today%E2%80%99s data-rich environment provides. The topics that are covered include: big data analytics and strategies, computer science, path-to-purchase models and digital analytics in practice.

Course leader
Prof. dr. Jaap Wieringa (University of Groningen)Prof. dr. Peter Verhoef (University of Groningen)Prof. dr. P.K. Kannan (University of Maryland)

Target group
Graduate students (finalizing MSc. & starting PhD)

Credits info
3 ECTS Students who are willing to take the exam will receive 3 EC. Otherwise students will receive a certificate of attendance.

Fee info
EUR 1250: The fee includes: housing (seven nights), participation in the programme, course materials, coffee, tea and refreshments, five lunches, three dinners, city tour and formal welcoming ceremony

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