Express Yourself! Experimental Painting
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
Finding unexplored possibilities in forms of creativity through experimentation with colour and painting techniques. The course mainly focuses on providing knowledge of craft based artistic work within the studio practice. You learn to use paint (acrylic), brushes and imaginative painting techniques through concentrated, experimental approaches to advance the development of your skills in this area. You experiment with stencils, prints and the various ways of applying brushes. You translate forms (i.e. from nature or the city) and observations in painting and learn new techniques in the treatment of colour. You can also create your own paintings and work on your own. The course provides assistance and stimulation in finding compositions and the application of paint. Aside from that, we will observe how the Bauhaus artists painted and create our own paintings and collages in their style. The course offers an overview of Bauhaus painting and art practices and explains their content. Additionally, you are given an overview of the development of painting %E2%80%9Cafter Bauhaus%E2%80%9D in America and Europe and learn about contemporary painting practices that revive Bauhaus themes. By emulating a Bauhaus master lesson we better understand Bauhaus ideas. You do painting exercises in colour and form and expand your understanding of their relationship. As an outcome of the course you'll have paintings and/or collages to be used as: original artworks, application material for art schools, or new forms within adjacent areas such as design or architecture. We conclude the course with an exhibition of the works produced and learn how to present paintings.

Course leader
Franziska Goes

Target group
Students, prospective students, or graduates (Bachelors and Masters) of art and design disciplines, architecture, and people who want to apply themselves to concentrated and experimental painting in relation to Bauhaus. No previous knowledge required.

Fee info
EUR 600: 2 weeks | 90 hrs The course fee is 600 EURThe course fee includes:150 EUR registration feeprogramme according to descriptionteaching materialsBauhaus Summer School ID cardInternet access at the Bauhaus-Universitt Weimarfree use of libraryaccompanying programme (except excursions)free entrance to museums belonging to Klassik Stiftung Weimar EUR 450: The course fee for students and alumni is 450 EUR.

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