Facial Biometrics and applications
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
Generally speaking, Biometrics is known to be a technology used to recognize persons from their physical or behavioural characteristics. In particular, face recognition is a common biometric modality that can be integrated in numerous applications such as individual identification/verification, smart environment, healthcare, etc. Within this context, a collection of selected classes is delivered On-Campus or Online by qualified International speakers. This includes digital face capture and measurements, face detection, face traits analysis, face recognition, face modelling and evaluation techniques. In addition, a number of demos and labs highlighting useful applications will be considered. From ethics point of view, discussions and debates will be considered.

Course leader
Professor Amine Nait-ali, Universit Paris-Est Crteil (UPEC), Faculty of science and Technology, France

Target group
This course is proposed for Bachelor and Master/PhD. students as well as for engineers and researchers in the field of Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Participants should be familiar with classical Signal and Image Processing techniques.

Course aim
This course is proposed to students interested in discovering some common and general-purpose face analysis techniques as a part of biometrics. It may be a good entry point to deal with new research projects or with an educational program such as the International Master of Biometrics (http://www.international-education-biometrics.org).

Fee info
EUR 0: Early bird (all inclusive) until 15th March

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