Food Law: Rights, Responsibility, Liability
calendar_month 26 Oct 2015, 00:00
The Summer school has three pivot topics: firstly, Food law between national law and EUlaw (Consumer safety and Product liabilities in the Italian legal system; Consumer safety and Product liabilities in EU law; Comparative food law analysis); secondly, Criminal law and ethics in food law (Animals and food production; New technologies; Crimes connected to food products and food distribution); lastly, Right to food and water between Constitutional, European and International law (Food safety and food security as fundamental rights; The governance of food and water at national level; The governance of food and water at European level; The governance of food and water governance at International level and a Case study: Children%E2%80%99s social rights and right to food%5C Right to subsistence and right to good food quality: comparative approach on school canteens).The interdisciplinary approach will allow the students and participants to understand the consumer lawdimension as well as the administrative and criminal aspects connected to food production. Ethics and the law will be addressed with reference to the impact on the consumer information and safety as well as corporate and individual social responsibility.

Course leader
Prof. Diana Cerini

Target group
- Students of Law (if Italian 4th and 5th year of School of Law)- Ph. D. Students (Bicocca students or external students, Italian or foreign students)- Professionals (lawyers etc.)

Course aim
The Summer School aims at providing the analysis of the Italian and EU lawconcerning food production and distribution, with particular reference to food safety and food security.

Fee info
EUR 100: 100 euros for each course of 10 hrs. 300 euros for the entire program. It covers tuition, teaching materials and tutoring services. plus 1 ticket and guided visit to EXPO Milan 2015 site. Also includes social and cultural activities program held by Erasmus Student Network Bicocca.

Special conditions for Bicocca PHD Students are offered

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