From Merry-Go-Round to The Turin Horse: Communist and Post-Communist Hungarian Cinema
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
The module studies Hungarian cinema from the 1950s to the present. A detailed chronological overview of milestone events will be supplemented by discussions dedicated to some major themes and motifs. Although Hungarian cinema under Soviet dominance and authoritarian cultural doctrines was closely controlled and heavily censored, it was never totally isolated from major European trends. On the contrary, it developed a voice and mode of address that enriched global film culture. Its view of ideological and political struggles, its sensitive insights about the everyday reality of individuals and collectives made and continues to make Hungarian cinema an accurate mirror of the country%E2%80%99s recent history and offers a better understanding of the social and cultural tendencies shaping our past and present. In-class screenings of representative films and guest lectures from filmmakers of the younger generation are also part of the course.

Course leader
Dr. Zsolt Gyri (University of Debrecen)Dr. Gyrgy Kalmr (University of Debrecen)

Target group
Movie buffs, students of the cinematic arts or anyone else who would like to be familiar with major trends, representative figures and achievements of Hungarian movie history.

Course aim
To offer students a survey of Hungarian cinema through six decades focusing on the changing institutional, legal, political and sociocultural environment.

Fee info
EUR 450: Tuition, not including cultural activities, accommodation and meals. EUR 60: Registration fee (non-refundable).

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