Hidden Treasures of Hungary: Natural and Cultural Tourist Attractions in Hungary
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
The course%E2%80"which has two major themes%E2%80"is designed to provide the participants with an analytical overview of the unique, though sometimes less well-known, tourism products of Hungary. Students of tourism, tourism professionals and conscious travellers will have the opportunity to learn about the unrivalled natural and cultural attractions of this Central European country which would make a holiday in Hungary a real experience. The course will also include site-visits to familiarize the participants with the actual attractions and products. During the classes and the field trips special emphasis will be placed on the importance of authentic experiences within a sustainable context.

Course leader
Dr. Katalin Csobn (University of Debrecen)

Target group
Professionals as well as laypeople interested in the following major topics: the changing image of Hungary as a tourist destination; main tourism regions and less well-known destinations; the unique tourism products of Hungary; heritage tourism; wine tourism; gastrotourism; spa tourism; ecotourism.

Course aim
To refute old stereotypes about the Hungarian tourist industry and raise awareness of the complete range the field can offer to visitors to the country.

Fee info
EUR 450: Tuition, not including cultural activities, accommodation and meals. EUR 60: Registration fee (non-refundable)

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