Interdisciplinarity in PhD research %E2%80" How to achieve relevant results on sound methods
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
Sustainability essentially considers the interdependences of socio-economic and natural systems. Nevertheless, PhD research projects often do not examine such correlations, but focus on specific aspects of a very specialised scientific field. Accordingly, the relation between a topic of a PhD-thesis and how it is embedded into the wide field of sustainability sciences, i.e. the relation between disciplinary scrutiny and interdisciplinary interfaces, often is not evident.The PhD Winter School addresses challenges of PhD research in the context of the multidimensional domain of sustainable development. It provides a platform to discuss, test and practice different methods of interdisciplinarity. Participants will learn how to manage the boundaries between their PhD research and related scientific contributions in a methodologically sound way. They will get to know innovative methods of interdisciplinary cooperation.

Course leader
Dr. Marius Christen

Target group
Advanced PhD students from any discipline preferably working within interdisciplinary research projects in the field of sustainability sciences.

Course aim
The PhD Winter School aims:to enhance the participants awareness on challenges regarding the relation between disciplinary scrutiny and interdisciplinary interfaces,to enable the participants to critically discuss different methods for dealing with the relation in question,to critically reflect their chosen solution for the relation in question within their PhD-thesis.

Fee info
EUR 0: There will be no attendance fee. Travel expenses and board and lodging are up to the participants. For participants with low budgets there will be support with local lodging possibilities.

No scholarships

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