International Marketing
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Providing an important insight into international marketing concepts, issues, motivations and strategy, this course offers an up-to-date approach to the marketing challenges of the new international economy, from global branding and the rise of emerging market multinationals to debates in international marketing strategy.We%E2%80%99ll explore the economic, political, legal and environmental influences on international marketing and their effect on the marketing strategy, the processes and challenges in entering new markets, and the effects of internationalisation on the marketing strategy.As part of this comprehensive course, you%E2%80%99ll have the opportunity to delve into the critical elements of global marketing, including the global economic environment, regional market characteristics and preferential trade agreements and social, cultural, political, legal and regulatory environments.We%E2%80%99ll also consider the importance of global information systems and market research, segmentation, targeting, and positioning, importing, exporting, and sourcing, as well as global market entry strategies %E2%80" all vital elements for a great academic foundation for a career in international marketing.The course content will include:- Introduction to Global Marketing;- The Global Economic Environment;- Regional Market Characteristics and Preferential Trade Agreements;- Social and Cultural Environments;- The Political, Legal, and Regulatory Environments;- Global Information Systems and Market Research; - Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning;- Importing, Exporting, and Sourcing;- Global Market Entry Strategies: Licensing, Investment, and Strategic Alliances;- Brand and Product Decisions in Global Marketing.The course highlights the growing impact of emerging nations such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China in particular. The course also looks at Social Media and Web 2.0. We will bring global marketing to life with real-world examples. The business case studies encourage student interest and learning, stimulate class discussion, and enhance the classroom experience for both you and the tutor.

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Target group
The course is open to anyone that has an interest in international marketing. Students with an academic or professional background in Marketing, Business, Economics and International Relations are expected to be particularly attracted to this course.

Course aim
You will be able to understand concepts and challenges in international marketing and be familiar with new market assessment entry processes.

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GBP 1500: tuition fee only

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