Latin (Intensive) Beginners
calendar_month 29 Iul 2015, 00:00
One of the most influential languages of all time, this course offers you the opportunity to become confident translating basic English into Latin and reading simple texts in Latin, developing your skills for career progression, education or simply personal fulfilment.Whether you%E2%80%99re a school leaver, undergraduate, mature student or even a teacher, you%E2%80%99ll gain valuable insight into the ancient Roman world and its language in a friendly and positive environment through intensive classroom and private study using the JACT Reading Latin as your foundation.You%E2%80%99ll also have the unique opportunity to learn from leading experts in lectures, workshops and visits to world famous museums including the British Museum %E2%80" all in a global city that was once a Roman settlement itself.You can choose to take this intensive course as a beginner or intermediate learner for one session, or combine the two for an in-depth experience over six weeks.You will work through the first half of the JACT Reading Latin course in intensive daily language classes and will be expected to put in a number of hours of private study to consolidate class work and to complete homework assignments. Staff will be on hand to offer private tutorials and surgery hours, as required. There will be talks delivered by guest lecturers, workshops offering an introduction to skills such as epigraphy or papyrology, and a trip to the British Museum or the Museum of London.The JACT course offers the opportunity to learn and practise new grammatical points in exercises, alongside acquiring valuable reading skills.

Course leader
King's Classics department

Target group
This course is suitable for students who intend to study for a Masters or Doctoral degree who have not yet had the opportunity to acquire Latin. School teachers could use this course to acquire enough expertise in Latin to offer basic classes in addition to Classical Civilisation/Ancient History. It is also appropriate for undergraduates, mature students and anyone with an interest in the Roman world.

Course aim
On completion of this module, you will be able to recognise, explain and use the basic principles of Latin grammar; to translate simple sentences from Latin to English, and English to Latin; and to read adapted Latin authors.

Fee info
GBP 1500: tuition fee only

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