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MAP WORKSHOP 20156-17 July 2015Miszla, Kis utca 168.Hungary %E2%80" work-process description %E2%80" During the workshop, the collaboration will be structured around a predefined theme that varies from year to year, but in all cases will raise current issues covering several areas, that are practically accessible and relevant in a broader international context.The participating students will be divided into small mixed working-groups (max. 4 pers./ group) with the goal of finding possible responses, solutions, execution methods or even new matters concerning the subject of the workshop.The students%E2%80%99 work will be professionally supervised by mentors, who will be recognized experts in the above-mentioned fields. Their task is to continuously monitor the activities of the participants and to provide assistance on practical and theoretical questions during the planning and realization processes.All communication will be in English in order to facilitate interaction between contributors from different countries.%E2%80" theme %E2%80"The concept of the recent workshop incorporates an easily approachable and interpretable thought%E2%80"frame that can be adapted to several platforms. The key elements are: the human presence and changes of its moral and aesthetical role-scales; currently detectable existence and problems of social sensitivity and awareness, general analysis of the situation, mapping and adapting the visions and reflexions related to them %E2%80" bearing in mind the possibility raised by the collaboration and the potential of common self-analyses of the students originating from different Central and Eastern European Countries.How and what sort of strategies can be discovered by students who come from different countries endowed with myriad knowledge, educational backgrounds and ways of thinking in incubator circumstances such as the Miszla venue? Furthermore, how can they formulate and manifest these strategies in an adequate and situation-specific way? Which differences, similarities or defaults will be examined and which will not?%E2%80" application %E2%80"The mentors and the organizers of the workshop will review the open call applications and select twenty participants. Applicants will receive an email notification of the outcome of the selection process, no later than 29 June 2015.%E2%80" application requirements %E2%80"completed and signed application form / downloadable from the website: www.mapworkshop.wordpress.comCVportfolio of workmotivation letter / max. 2500 characters, areas of interest, expected results and achievements, etc. /Please submit the applications online to and send all additional documents as an attachment to your application, in PDF format, total size of it is up to 20 Mb. Please indicate in the subject: %E2%80%9C Application_MAP WORKSHOP%E2%80%9D.APPLICATION DEADLINE: 26 June 2015THE PARTICIPATION IN THE WORKSHOP AND THE ACCOMMODATION & BOARD IS FREE OF CHARGE.PARTICIPANTS MUST COVER THEIR OWN TRAVEL EXPENSES.If you have any question regarding the workshop or application, please do not hesitate to contact miszlamap@gmail.comMore information: www.mapworkshop.wordpress.comMAP WORKSHOPMISZLA-ART CULTURAL CENTRE7065 Miszla, Kis u. 168.

Course leader
Miszla-Art Cultural Centre (7065 Miszla, Kis utca 168, Hungary)

Target group
The international and interdisciplinary workshop is dedicated to universities' students of visual arts, photo, design, architecture and interior architecture fields. The primary target areas of the open call are Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania.

Course aim
The purpose of the project is to establish a platform that will provide a relevant professional improvement opportunity for students through collaboration of diverse disciplines based on an exchange of views and knowledge.

Fee info

Miszla-Art Cultural Centre
Address: Miszla, Kis utca 168.
Postal code: 7065
City: Miszla
Country: Hungary
Phone: 0036304372486